Part 1 & 2

ONEITEM Part 1 is coming to an end. With that I mean the donation part. YOU contributing and giving. Making it all HAPPEN. Taking meaningful actions.

Now Part 2 is approaching. The giving to the children part. I look forward very much to go down to Romania now. I will keep posting here on the blog. We are counting on having the donations loaded next week and delivered week 7. Stay tuned and join us.



2 thoughts on “Part 1 & 2

  1. Congratulations Yvette and the CIS community you have all done a truly amazing job. Great that it has been totally funded by donations. Yvette you should be sooooooooooo proud of yourself. Well done on this venture!!!

  2. Kim, thanks a lot. That’s very kind of you. YES, we have a GREAT, giving community, one that we can all be very proud of being part of. Lots of learnings on many levels and I will continue sharing. THANKS again :-)))

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