People who are contributing

As ONE ITEM has grown every day I wanted to share with you some pictures from the last two weeks.

Teddys from Copenhagen

Puzzles and games kept coming in.

Backpacks and bags come in handy

Day 2 and I m starting to realize that ONE ITEM is growing out of my…car boot….

Every afternoon there had been people leaving donations by my door and this is Clarice and Joy coming by with their lovely donations.

Betty and Predrag, owners of Cafe Stunden in Malmö, Sweden , hosted the Swedish version of ONEITEM. Thank you so much for all the help and – love !!!!

100 % organic pizza made by Predrag..Yum ! New energy…:-)

Anette Holmström, teacher, who engaged two classes to contribute, giving, making pillows, necklaces and lovely drawings. You have a big heart my lovely !!! ;-))))

CIS, yes there are lots of good things we can do with our own two hands. Small ideas with great impact in other people lives. Do meaningful , live meaningfully.

The crew: sorting items from Malmö collection. Anne (Belgium), Wendy ( UK ) , Liana (South Africa) and Pippa (UK). They all volunteered and Im ever so thankful. Great job ladies and see you Wednesday ! Pippa came herslef with, how-many-bags of clothes ? I lost count….Liana also collected food : GREAT initiative !!!

Wendy with some sweet sweet donations. Wendy is like a fountain of positivity and possibility !!!

Anne and a mountain of clothes. She has some great ideas this lady….stay tuned I’d say….

Sweden….contributing to ONE ITEM

Joined together my Copenhagen International School community and Betty’s community in Malmö-

Hearts beat like ONE

Stay tuned and let’s get that truck now !!!


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