We are looking for someone/company to sponsor the truck to go down to Romania with the Donations

The ONEITEM donations were wrapped up last Saturday and we managed to collect 22 cubic metres of clothes, toys and school material. Many thanks to all of you who contributed !

Betty Djordijevska, co-owner of Cafe Stunden (Raw Food and Organic specialities) in Malmö together with husband Predrag : you  took great action dedicating your time  for ONEITEM and opening up your cafe for the   Malmö collection on Saturday. You created ripples in the water from the way you simple are !!!

Betty also had a truck sponsored taking the items from Malmö to Copenhagen Saturday evening. MUCH APPRECIATED. And thank you to the firm that sponsored. You know who you are.

As we like this to be an action coming from a GIVING place we are now looking for someone or a company to sponsor the truck that will take the donations down to Romania.

So we need approximately 2300 euros  (petrol for the truck, ferry, tolls : Denmark – Romania) + one week with the truck itself.

Do you know of anyone who you think would see the value in this or know of a business that you could imagine would like to sponsor this, or part of it, please contact me on :




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