Fourth Day Yesterday as Romanians Protest Against President and Government

The Romanians are taking to the streets.

It started as a protest when the Health Minister resigned last week, and has spread to be a general discontent towards the President Basescu and his Government.

This is an EU country where the average salary is 300 euros/month and pension is 200 euros/month. People are poor. It’s understandable that the protests are coming. Not since the Revolution in 1989 has there been such a big manifestation in the streets of Bucharest as it is now. Numbers are not clear. Around 10 000 in the whole country were out protesting this weekend.

Scandinavian coverage in media

As I can’t find anything in Scandinavian media about the riots in Romania, and I can’t understand Romanian, yet,  I go to BBC and CNN to get information in English and from my friend who was taking part in the  protests yesterday evening.


The government has proposed wage cuts of 25% and pension cuts of 15% in order to reduce the country’s budget deficit.


It’s interesting that the media cover here in Scandinavia is so non-existant. – Why ?

What is it that make the gate keepers of our media  not  interested in what is going on in eastern Europe ? Economy speaks again ? Are the readers here not interested in reading what is going on there ? It won’t sell copies ?  I’ve been thinking of this one. I don’t have an answer. Do you ?

Today President Basescu is going to speak to the protestants for the first time since the riots started 4 days ago. Let’s see what he has to say.


Below is a picture taken by a friend of mine yesterday, in Bucharest. Speak it’s clear language. The Romanians are a people with belief. They had lots of hardship throughout recent history. I think the world should help them more. I think EU should help more and include them in the European family completely.

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