22 CUBIC….

That’s about where it all landed. Copenhagen and Malmö. Hearts beat like ONE.

ONE ITEM, started as a gentle request on my own Facebook page asking all my Facebook friends to donate ONE ITEM each. It grew to the Copenhagen International School’s Facebook page and finally my dear friend and owner of Sweden’s first Raw Food Cafe : Betty Djordijevska came into the picture and wanting to help out. Betty has been amazing today. Her friendliness and loving attitude have made beautiful rings on the water today. I WOW you, my dear !! And her husband has made amazing food for those who came by !!!

This is where the DONATING part finishes. I look forward now to the  part when we get to Romania and can GIVE the donations to the children.

MANY MANY THANKS to all of you who contributed. To those I didn’t get to meet in person and thank : you are also in my heart:-)))

I’m happily tired now and will share more in the coming days.

 Much love,


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