Welcome !

This will be THE place for spreading the word about funky Bucharest and amazing Romania. To be clear from the begining : I’m not sposored by anyone. This blog is seeing the light of the day because of pure enthousiasm to get the crowds back to Romania !!!

For me, as a Swede, Romania was in a way a “black hole” until this September. I never read about it for years,  never saw anything in media about it, more than the stereotypical picture we see in the news and I think :   it’s about time now !

I visited Mamaia in 1985 and those were other times. Communism times. In 1989 there was the Revolution and ever since Romania has been developing rapidly. I would like to make Romania a HOT SPOT for traveling again. I hope you become curious about this country and what it has to offer. There is so much to see and do. To bottom-line it : Bucharest itself is a karmalicious town with lots of gorgeous architecture spiced up with modern buildings. It’s a modern, southern European funky city. – With all the commodities you ever wish for. Then there are the mountains where you can ski  &  The Black Sea Coast 2 hrs away from Bucharest, where you can live happily whole summer. Climate is pleasant. Food is very Mediterranean. Wine is abundant. Language is Latin-based and culture too.

I believe the Romanian Tourist Office, which is based in New York (!!!) could work on making Romania a bit more funky and trendy. There are lots of cool things going on there. The world just need to know !

This is my contribution.

The Bucharest Lounge.


Namaste, Yvette

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